Domitille Bigot
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Domitille is a principal in our Transportation and Services Practice, based in Paris.

She is passionate about geopolitics and focused on international relations at Sciences Po Paris. Her first internship was at NATO in Brussels, where she collaborated with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Armed Forces, sparking her interest in defense. She then honed her skills in this field and joined Avascent, a consultancy specializing in aerospace and defense markets. When Oliver Wyman acquired Avascent in 2022, she saw the opportunity to strengthen the Aerospace and Defense Practice and enhance international security, particularly European cooperation.

In her role, she assists clients in the aerospace and defense industries in understanding market trends, identifying growth opportunities, and providing investment advice. She also advises governments and international organizations on policy impact and market trends. Clients highly value her market insights for efficient decision-making. 

Helping stakeholders navigate changes is about safeguarding freedom of action in strategic environments and ensuring the safety and liberty of our citizens. By building resilient industrial bases, we contribute to a secure future and create attractive growth opportunities for workers

Domitille's work addresses challenges and opportunities in security, environment, and technology. Developing effective growth strategies and allocating resources are crucial for long-term success. Traditional players face uncertainties in a changing defense and space landscape while new entrants emerge from untapped regions and commercial markets.

A pivotal moment in her career was when she organized an event for an intergovernmental defense agency. This event brought together experts and officials from various countries to deliberate on strategic industrial matters, thereby accelerating international cooperation.

In her free time, Domitille dedicates time to her two daughters, enjoys running, and discovers new places by walking long distances in cities. She looks forward to sharing her travel experiences and attending theatre performances and concerts in Paris with her daughters.