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Mohssen Toumi
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Mohssen, based in our Paris office, brings nearly two decades of experience in consulting with telecom and high-tech players on growth and innovation strategies. But the real foundation for his career was laid much earlier in his life. “I studied engineering, majoring in math and physics. This helped me develop an analytical approach that is key for our business,” he says.

The time I spent in San Francisco, in the heart of the tech industry, were formative years in my life: they made me realize the potential of technology to change our lives.

In addition to his studies, his upbringing also played an important role. “I lived on three different continents. I was born and raised in Algeria, then studied in France and started working there, then spent a couple of years in San Francisco in Silicon Valley before returning to France,” says Mohssen. This experience created his passion for innovation, new ideas, and challenges. “Consulting is a great way to discover new cultures: I’ve had the privilege to serve clients in over 30 countries along my career.”

Mohssen focuses on communications, media, and technology industries, which face unprecedented and disruptive changes requiring innovative solutions. “I advise clients on large transformations, helping them identify and launch new businesses, and integrate digital technologies and behavior to reinvent the way they operate,” says Mohssen.

Mohssen is a coach and adviser to high-tech startups.

His advice to people thinking about entering the consulting field is simple: “Come equipped with a curiosity to enjoy all the novelties we see in consulting and learn more every day, the energy to help drive change and deliver impact, and a sense of humility in the face of all the uncertainties that lie ahead—humility to learn, to listen to others, and see new things.”